Terms and Condition in Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who is the Developer?

Q: Are the lands free from government acquisition?
Ans: The landed property is free from every known government landed acquisition no adverse claimant. a sample of GEE scheme I, Global survey

Plan no: OG/1200/2011/021; Land information Ref No: SU11/174/XLIV/238, APPROVED MASTER LAYOUT NO: BUPP/2011/LAY/28/SGM, C OF O file
No SA/RT/C98

Q: What type of infrastructure will the developer provide?
Ans: Perimeter fencing earth road, transformer, and connection to the national grid, boreholes on randomly sited.

Q: what other payment do I have to pay apart from the payment for the land?
Ans: Survey fee: N150,000.00, legal documentation N30,000,00, infrastructural Development Levy N150,000.00 Kindly note that the fees started

Q: The infrastructural development levy will be used for what?
Ans: provision of electricity poles, a connection of strings to the national grid for the distribution and revisiting earth road network.

Q: When do I pay Development Levy?
Ans: Normally after allocation of plots by letter handover but before construction work can start.,
This payment has to be made into our designated bank accounts.

Q: Is there any discount on outright payment and bulk purchase?
Ans: yes, as stated on the fillers of different estates?

Q: How will an increase in prince affect subscribers?
Ans: increase in price will not affect existing subscribers in any way except if they have over-stretch Their payment period or when they want to subscribe for additional plots(s)

Q: what happens if I default in my installation contribution/payments?
ANS: You shall be charged 1% of the property prices in any of the months you default. However, if your default continues until the company
Increases the price of

Q: When will my plots be allocated to me?
Ans: In batches, at least 50 to 100 subscribers.

Q: Can I start construction or building on the land now?
Ans: Yes you can start building on the land immediately after physical allocation and payment of the stipulated development levy.

Q: What do I get after completion of payment for the land, survey and titles document?

Ans: survey and titles document i.e. Receipt, deed of contract, letter of allocation, estate covenants, survey plans, and power of attorney/deed of assignment.

Q: Does Way and Life Concepts Limited have certificate of occupancy?

Ans: way and life concepts limited initiates the process of getting C.of .O immediately as parts of the acquisition process on our estates in Ogun State. Our documentation in Lagos State estates will be that of a global survey and planned layout which will be registered while the company will assist individual client process their respective C of O.

Q: What title will I get eventually?
Ans: Deed of sub-lease/ Assignment of the unexpired term of 99 years less one day.

Q: Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

Ans: 6 months after allocation for at least fence and gate and after 2 years for structural development.

Q: can I resell my plot/properties?

Ans: Way and Life Concepts Limited can buy back plot from the subscribers who have paid up on their land as this is subject to cash flow or assist to get buyer. A charge of 10% (agency fee) is deducted from purchase price in either of the cases.

Q: what happens if I decide to terminate my subscription to the scheme?
Ans: you will get a refund of total money paid less 20% administrative expenses/agency fees and 10% legal charges. This will be given after the last period of the installmental payment exercise of the scheme subscribed to as this is subject to availability of fund.

Q: Can I pay or give Cash to any of the company Agents?
Ans: While we are not discrediting anybody, we strongly advise that either cheques or cash should be paid in favor of Way and Life Concepts Limited which is the designated project bank account name. Please note that the management of Way and Life Concepts Limited accepts no responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from above information. Therefore ask for copy of your teller in case you ask any person to assist you make payment as directed above.
* NOTE: subscribers shall be responsible for any defect in cheque / cash payment as receipt issued remain invalid until confirmation of cheque / cash paid into our company account.