Shelter is a necessity that people are faced with daily and Winner Man Estate ATAN OTA is a project designed to meet this challenges. Our approach is to make it affordable and habitable for all. Helping man become home owner as well as setting the path for the future. The estate is located around Winners Chapel Ota

The estate will be design to meet the aspiration of our prospective client and as the name implies it will
boast of the following facilities:

  • paved road
  • random sited bore holes
  • Transformer connected to he national grid
  • Green zone and so on will be provided

presently, the area is developed and it will command a high price on rent and land giving you the assurance on your returns and investments. Apart from
The Winner chapel other institution present are:

  • The bells University
  • Honda Manufacturing
  • Intercontinental distiller
  • The united food
  • May & baker
  • President Paint amongst other

  1. Winner Man proposal full plot
  2. Winner Man Payment plan half plot


WAY AND LIFE CONCEPTS LIMITED is a legally established indigenous firm of real estate consultants. Our membership of Real Estate Developer Association of Nigeria (REDAN) and the Association of Property Investment and Commissioned Agents of Nigeria (APICAN) affords us the privilege of being in the league of realtors in the country.


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